Embodied Sound: Liquid Architecture and the Collingwood College Sound Collective

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Embodies Sound by the Collingwood College Sound Collective
with Kym Maxwell and Clare Cooper

September 11th to 18th — presented at Westspace Gallery, Level 1, 255 Bourke St, Melbourne City

Liquid Architecture: In conjunction with program, What Would A Feminist Methodology Sound Like?  

'Embodies Sound' by the Collingwood College Sound Collective is a collaboration with the students of Collingwood College with visual artist Kym Maxwell and harpist Clare Cooper - a visual, auditory pedagogical project

'Embodied Sound’ is a metaphor for the ways in which children experience their world though listening. The students of Collingwood College working with Kym Maxwell and Clare Cooper were asked to consider how they ‘embody’ sound through listening. To question what they hear and conceptualise it through instrumental resonance. They were asked to consider the contradictions in sound such as those found in film and Foley techniques and to consider possible gender associations of particular strength to instruments and/or imagery.

These series of workshops, scores, sculptures and sound recordings from the ‘Collingwood College Sound Collective’ portray their ability to articulate variance in sound and its embodiment in instruments and images; whereby exploring resonance in everyday objects, sound in video and animation, the value of mark making in orchestral notation and a capacity to contradict stereotypes.

The students of Collingwood College performed a series of actions through progressive workshops with Kym Maxwell and Clare Cooper thus demonstrating their capacity to debate, collaborate and build community through sound. 

Over one week from September 11th the students’ with the team of Liquid Architecture will exhibit their works within the Westspace gallery alongside the FM (X) evening program.


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Abbotsford Convent
1 St Heliers Street Abbotsford
Opening Drinks
9th of September 2015
6 - 8 pm
Exhibition dates
September 10th - 20th, 2015
10 am - 5 pm

‘If Transmission Were Material’ is Kym Maxwell’s solo exhibition presenting her select V8 and mini 8 video dairies from 1994-2001. As a multi disciplinary artist Kym Maxwell’s work traverses social strategy, installation, immersion and interaction, engaging with a wide variety of audiences and communities. In this exhibition Maxwell explores her earliest video diaries and ponders their relevance today, post-internet and how they may perform like social media as deliberations on issues surrounding identity, belonging, artistic indexing and proposition. This video installation posits ‘Is Transmission Material?’… Then if so, how may it manifest through medium through accentuation and through technocracy? Was video in the 1990’s the medium of self-discovery, identity and social status? Presented in loop on analogue TV screens and DVD media players the installation presents Maxwell’s video diaries from her first purchase of a video camera in 1994 detailing her benign and fraught experiences living abroad and her development of an Australian 20 something lifestyle which involved awkward recordings of social exchanges. This her meta-narrative pre-internet assists in defining Maxwell’s early artistic interest in the ‘experience economy,’ and thus related social negotiations.

If transmission map.png

Literacy and Manipulative Object intervention

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Documentation from a fascinating talk by Winsom McCaughey and Hillary Mc Phee at TCB this Saturday November 23rd — revealing the lives and challenges for women and their requirements for shared child care in the early 70's — great to hear from representative mothers of my childhood, women creating extensive opportunities for future parents. Here some images of their talk with my material, text and art object intervention: invited by Harriet Morgan, Katherine Hattam and Fayen d'Evie.

Invitiation: Saturday 22/11 @ 2pm: A conversation on 'Parenting in the Art World'. This is an informal conversation about the early days of childcare, led by publisher Hillary McPhee and early feminist acitvist Winsom McCaughey. This will also extend to current-day parenting within the artworld.


Re-Raising Consciousness at TCB ArtInc

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Waratah Lane, Melbourne Australia

Opening: Wednesday 12 November, 6 - 8 pm
Exhibition: 13 November - 29 November
Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 12 - 6 pm.

Katherine Hattam, Harriet Morgan, Fayen d’Evie | Re-raising Consciousness

In the late 1960s, consciousness-raising groups sprung up, first in New York, then quickly spreading across the United States and beyond. In apartments and suburban living rooms, women met to discuss their personal experiences and, through hearing and speaking out individual stories of conflict and oppression, came to recognise systemic patterns. Some women found the discussions trivial, but for many, participation proved radicalising. For a generation of women across Melbourne, the consciousness-raising movement provoked a shift in perception; what had seemed merely personal became fundamentally political.  

Through a participatory, performative installation, Katherine Hattam, Harriet Morgan and Fayen d’Evie will curate a programme of events that mobilise a contemporary audience to revisit methods, texts and philosophies of the consciousness-raising groups, including relevant historical artist contributions. Featuring artworks from an intergenerational group of female artists, the exhibition space will be set as a temporary living room that will provide a site for formal group activities and also personal-political conversation in-between events.

Participating Artists:
Abbra Kotlarczyk, Adelle Mills Angela Brennan, Anna Ephraim, Anna SImic, Aurelia Guo, Clare Rae, Colleen Ahern, Cristy Gilbert, Elizabeth Newman, Ellen Koshland, Elvis Richardson, Fayen d’Evie, Harriet Morgan, Helen Johnson, Janet Burchill, Jess Johnson, Jo Wilson, Kate Smith, Katherine Botten, Katherine Hattam, Kim Donaldson, Jennifer McCamley, Kym Maxwell, Lara Merrett, Liang Luscombe, Lyndal Walker, Madeline Kidd, Michel Kemp, Moya McKenna, Nadine Christensen, Natasha Havir Smith, Nicholas Tammens, Renee Cosgrove, Rose Nolan, Susan Jacobs

And with the participation of Ann Snitow, Dia Felix, Hayley Silverman, Helen Hughes, Hilary McPhee, Lisa Radford, Winsome McCaughey, Maya Victoria Kjellstrand, Rebecca Tovey, Victoria Hattam, Serena Bentley, Kym Maxwell, and other invited guests.

'Liberty of Imagination: Duelling Spheres (GOODWILL Object Research) in development

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Install reception, two of many ideas for future form


Over the course of 4 weeks the work Liberty of Imagination will take form at HATCH contemporary Art space as part of my Artist is Residence, at the Banyule Contemporary Art Fair. 

Here are some concept development provisions for your persual, the exhibition opens tomorrow November 11th from 10-5pm, Tuesday to Saturday. IT IS A FANTASTIC SHOW go check it out!! Come and see me on Fridays and Saturday's in the space

Liberty of the screen, commission Banyule City Council

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Playfully conceptualising a project 'Liberty of the screen' a 2 hour intervention at a local playground within the City of Banyule; at Malahang Reserve, one of 3 large multi-function parks in the city, with BMX, skate ramps and dog park. Date to be confirmed for event November 22nd between 11 am and 1 pm. Looking for further volunteers if you're interested please contact myself or Caitlin, Banyules Arts officer on Caitlin.Armstrong@banyule.vic.gov.au 

inspiration: Christo     The Wall (Project for a Wrapped Roman Wall)

inspiration: Christo  
The Wall (Project for a Wrapped Roman Wall)

Site Visit: Work in Progress

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In coming weeks I will be updating you on the event that is planned for this site. I am very excited by this opportunity and the support of the Banyule's Cultural Arts Team!

Uneducated reviewed in The Age

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It was wonderful  to arrive at the gallery yesterday and a parent tell me, Uneducated received another review in The Age, by Dan Rule!! I was soo chuffed, we were soo lucky. Especially since the very considered Dylan Rainforth had written about the children's 'Curation Project'; but Dan's review was different, it focused on the artists work, in particular focusing on the miminal selection within the show. It made a great contrast between the reviews.

Wow! That with Maura Edmond's interview there has been interest in the works within the show, the premise, as well as the artists' talks, the philospohy lecture and the children's curation. Wow, its been a bumper month of brilliance!!

The link here 

image of the Children's thinking Collingwood College 'Curation Project'

Children's CURATION PROJECT Celebration today

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Today is the cupcake celebration of Collingwood College's 'Curation Project' of Uneducated, at Counihan Gallery, 233 Sydney Road Brunswick. Please come along and celebrate with the Young Curators their work and thinking for this extraordinary show!!! from 2-4pm - cupcakes and mineral water will be served. Thanks to Victor Griss and the staff at Counihan Gallery fro sponsoring this special event!

This Is Not The Work

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I am very proud to be associated with the exhibition 'This Is Not The Work' at QUT Creative Industries Precinct. An exhibition curated by LEVEL focusing on women in the arts working in a socially engaged model. 'Uneducated' was presented as a satellite presentation, as a website within the tent, along with Sean Peoples 'Friendly Floatees' and through student response and their work.

Re-curation by the children of Collingwood College and review in The Age

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As Part of the exhibition Uneducated the children of Collingwood College propose a re-hang of some of the works in galleries 2 and 3. This has been in collaboration with educator Cat Stevensen and artist Emily Floyd. We were so fortunate to receive a review and promotion in The Age today by Dylan Rainforth always thoughtful, another wonderful step towards promoting the artists, the talks as well as the work of the children !!!

Nick Selentisch in conversation with Dan Arps and Peter Tyndall will discuss the role of cognition in viewing.

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Image: Dan Arps, Untitled (Powerful Women) 2014. Video: Dan Arps, Fractal Study (Our Ancestors) 2011

Image: Dan Arps, Untitled (Powerful Women) 2014. Video: Dan Arps, Fractal Study (Our Ancestors) 2011

As part of the exhibition and public program Uneducated 
Nick Selentisch in conversation with Dan Arps and Peter Tyndall discussing 'The Role of Cognition and Meta- Cognition in Viewing Art'. 
Thursday, September 25th, 6-8pm: Counihan Gallery 233 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

or RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/305963979575801



Review Uneducated by Maura Edmond of Primer

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DAMP, 2014, Victoria's Secret, Mixed Media

DAMP, 2014, Victoria's Secret, Mixed Media

Uneducated has received a review from Maura Edmond of Primer. A fantastic self published online interview based Arts journal. Check out the review here  http://primermag.net/art/2014/9/kym-maxwell-interview-uneducated

Aesthetics, Politics and Education: Philosophies of Schiller and Ranciere

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As part of the exhibition Uneducated, Sam Cuff Snow and Gene Flenady from Monash University and Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy will deliver the lecture Aesthetics, Politics and Education: Philosophies of Schiller and Ranciere. Saturday 13th of September from 2-4 pm, a.t Counihan Gallery 233 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

This talk will offer some reflections on the political and educative potential of art. It will discuss Friedrich Schiller's remarkable call, in the wake of the French Revolution, for an aesthetic education of humanity, and Jacques Ranciere's inventive and egalitarian contributions to both pedagogical theory and philosophical aesthetics. 

Please come and join us for light refreshments and a lecture that illuminates the themes of Uneducated.

Uneducated Website

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web sketches-10.jpg

Had been just throwing some ideas around for website in the last week or two - this is a mock up!

Playing around - very unserious - not the final al all - just playing with tools - as not tech savvy  and I'm not the designer :( tech basics are OK tho heheh!

Playing around - very unserious - not the final al all - just playing with tools - as not tech savvy  and I'm not the designer :( tech basics are OK tho heheh!

Inspiration from Simon and Tom Bloor

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Kurt Rowlands' Kurt Rowland, Learning to See 1 (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1968).

Inspiration from Simon and Tom Bloor - Kurt Rowland is an arts educator from the 1960's. He has been an significant figure in arts education in the UK. This is an image from his  His book 'Learning to See'. Kurt Rowland, Learning to See 1 (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1968).