Re-Raising Consciousness at TCB ArtInc

Added on by Kym Maxwell.

Waratah Lane, Melbourne Australia

Opening: Wednesday 12 November, 6 - 8 pm
Exhibition: 13 November - 29 November
Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 12 - 6 pm.

Katherine Hattam, Harriet Morgan, Fayen d’Evie | Re-raising Consciousness

In the late 1960s, consciousness-raising groups sprung up, first in New York, then quickly spreading across the United States and beyond. In apartments and suburban living rooms, women met to discuss their personal experiences and, through hearing and speaking out individual stories of conflict and oppression, came to recognise systemic patterns. Some women found the discussions trivial, but for many, participation proved radicalising. For a generation of women across Melbourne, the consciousness-raising movement provoked a shift in perception; what had seemed merely personal became fundamentally political.  

Through a participatory, performative installation, Katherine Hattam, Harriet Morgan and Fayen d’Evie will curate a programme of events that mobilise a contemporary audience to revisit methods, texts and philosophies of the consciousness-raising groups, including relevant historical artist contributions. Featuring artworks from an intergenerational group of female artists, the exhibition space will be set as a temporary living room that will provide a site for formal group activities and also personal-political conversation in-between events.

Participating Artists:
Abbra Kotlarczyk, Adelle Mills Angela Brennan, Anna Ephraim, Anna SImic, Aurelia Guo, Clare Rae, Colleen Ahern, Cristy Gilbert, Elizabeth Newman, Ellen Koshland, Elvis Richardson, Fayen d’Evie, Harriet Morgan, Helen Johnson, Janet Burchill, Jess Johnson, Jo Wilson, Kate Smith, Katherine Botten, Katherine Hattam, Kim Donaldson, Jennifer McCamley, Kym Maxwell, Lara Merrett, Liang Luscombe, Lyndal Walker, Madeline Kidd, Michel Kemp, Moya McKenna, Nadine Christensen, Natasha Havir Smith, Nicholas Tammens, Renee Cosgrove, Rose Nolan, Susan Jacobs

And with the participation of Ann Snitow, Dia Felix, Hayley Silverman, Helen Hughes, Hilary McPhee, Lisa Radford, Winsome McCaughey, Maya Victoria Kjellstrand, Rebecca Tovey, Victoria Hattam, Serena Bentley, Kym Maxwell, and other invited guests.