Literacy and Manipulative Object intervention

Added on by Kym Maxwell.

Documentation from a fascinating talk by Winsom McCaughey and Hillary Mc Phee at TCB this Saturday November 23rd — revealing the lives and challenges for women and their requirements for shared child care in the early 70's — great to hear from representative mothers of my childhood, women creating extensive opportunities for future parents. Here some images of their talk with my material, text and art object intervention: invited by Harriet Morgan, Katherine Hattam and Fayen d'Evie.

Invitiation: Saturday 22/11 @ 2pm: A conversation on 'Parenting in the Art World'. This is an informal conversation about the early days of childcare, led by publisher Hillary McPhee and early feminist acitvist Winsom McCaughey. This will also extend to current-day parenting within the artworld.