A Project coordinated by NEW WAVE’s Anita Spooner for the New Student Precinct at Melbourne University, Grattan Street. It was a 2 hour workshop that culminated in a small scale intervention at the New Student Precinct with student an staff participants.

Description: Do you want to question regular behaviour in public spaces at the New Student Precinct? Kym Maxwell wants to too, enticing you to explore Alan Kaprow’s 60’s art theory ‘How to Make a Happening’. We will deliberately intervene in space in unexpected ways as if in a quiet game of disobedience. This two-hour workshop will alter your perceptions of public space and its norms with instructional processes and inventions that are fun and playful. An experience for the sake of fun, exchange and to contradict the ordinary.

BIO: Kym Maxwell's arts practice is multi-disciplinary, she works in the field of socially engaged art at the intersection of art and pedagogy. She is interested in text and web-based publications and is focused on the visual language, but more recently incorporates pedagogic knowledge and curriculum development into her thought patterns about visual communication. She likes to work in non-arts based fields of reference and in collaboration with people without an art background, with specific art outcomes in mind. More recently, she has worked with children in theatre to develop a shared contemplation of education within an educational setting for a museum context. This will be presented at Monash University Museum of Art in 2019 as part of Hannah Mathews curated group exhibit, titled Shapes of Knowledge.