Embodies Sound by the Collingwood College Sound Collective, September 11th to 18th, 2016 
Liquid Architecture:  What Would A Feminist Methodology Sound Like?  Westspace Gallery, Level 1, 255 Bourke St, Melbourne City

'Embodies Sound' is presented by the Collingwood College Sound Collective is a collaboration with the students of Collingwood College with visual artist Kym Maxwell and harpist Clare Cooper - a visual, auditory pedagogical project. It is a metaphor for the ways in which children experience their world though listening. The students of Collingwood College working with Kym Maxwell and Clare Cooper were asked to consider how they ‘embody’ sound through listening. To question what they hear and conceptualise it through instrumental resonance. They were asked to consider the contradictions in sound such as those found in film and Foley techniques and to consider possible gender associations of particular strength to instruments and/or imagery.

These series of workshops, scores, sculptures and sound recordings from the ‘Collingwood College Sound Collective’ portray their ability to articulate variance in sound and its embodiment in instruments and images; whereby exploring resonance in everyday objects, sound in video and animation, the value of mark making in orchestral notation and a capacity to contradict stereotypes.

The students of Collingwood College performed a series of actions through progressive workshops with Kym Maxwell and Clare Cooper thus demonstrating their capacity to debate, collaborate and build community through sound. 

Over one week from September 11th the students’ with the team of Liquid Architecture will exhibit their works within the Westspace gallery alongside the FM (X) evening program.