Uneducated reviewed in The Age

Added on by Kym Maxwell.

It was wonderful  to arrive at the gallery yesterday and a parent tell me, Uneducated received another review in The Age, by Dan Rule!! I was soo chuffed, we were soo lucky. Especially since the very considered Dylan Rainforth had written about the children's 'Curation Project'; but Dan's review was different, it focused on the artists work, in particular focusing on the miminal selection within the show. It made a great contrast between the reviews.

Wow! That with Maura Edmond's interview there has been interest in the works within the show, the premise, as well as the artists' talks, the philospohy lecture and the children's curation. Wow, its been a bumper month of brilliance!!

The link here 

image of the Children's thinking Collingwood College 'Curation Project'