La La Hi Prism's New Model collection to be screened at the NGV

Added on by Kym Maxwell.

Videos to be screened as part of a respective of 1990's Australian Art shall include five works from the New Model Collection of La La Hi Prism. This was a contemporary video art label I established and ran in 1999-2001 dealing with limited edition video works by Australia's eminent video artists at that time.

Ricky Swallow, Multistylus Program 1999, colour, sound, duration 1.30 mins, 6 mins loop

James Lynch, Real Life is Everywhere, 1998, colour video, sound, duration 5 mins

Lane Cormick, Calypso Frelimo Fiato, 1999, colour video, sound, 32 min

Nat & Ali, A Face of in the life of Nat & Ali, 2000, colour, sound, duration 1.30 mins, 5 mins loop

David Noonan, Lapsed, 1997, black and white, sound, 24 seconds, 5 mins loop

Stephen Honneger, Margin Walker, 1999, computer generated animation, colour, sound, 11 min 16 sec

Sadly, the Electra and New Stylee Collections will not be screened, but I hope to find a chance for their reprisal in additional collections, or via a screening in another institution or museum.

It would be wonderful if the NGV collect the important series of LLHP video works, as it a great compendium of Australian Video art and artists from the late 1990's early 2000's.