Object of Longing

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Throughout much of this year, contemporary artist Kym Maxwell has undertaken a residency at Dandenong Primary School to develop a multidisciplinary art project titled Objects of Longing. Students and staff at the school have participated in the project through an extended investigation focussed on ideas related to play, collecting and cultural production.

The project has included class excursions to Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA) where students had the opportunity to go ‘behind-the-scenes’ at the museum to learn about what museums collect and why.

Following this, a series of weekly workshops were held at the school with Kym and other artists to develop a theatrical work. Throughout, students engaged in research, script writing, sound, prop, set design and construction. Objects of Longing will culminate in a suite of live performances/exhibitions at multiple venues including Dandenong Primary School, Harmony Square and MUMA.

The first of these live performances takes place on Thursday 6th December from 5:30pm in DPS’s school hall. Please come along to enjoy what promises to be an exciting performance by children from Dandenong Primary School. This project is funded by Creative Victoria through their Creative Learning Partnerships: School Residency Program in association with MUMA and Dandenong Primary School.