Informal Learning: George Paton Gallery

Added on by Kym Maxwell.

Informal Learning is defined in this case as the type of learning that happens inside an institute that’s not explicitly taught. Rather, it is the learning that happens through social interaction, shared interests and fostering community. 

From April 5-13 for 7 days, Maxwell will invite students’ affiliated to the Student Union as directors, presidents and organisers of Melbourne University’s Club and Departments to respond to the provocation; What informal learning do their members engage in? How does fun factor into formal learning? What gaps are there within discipline-based curriculums that ‘Club’ type networks provide? 

The main gallery of George Paton will be activated to engage with the Clubs and Departments of Union House as they take over the gallery site. In addition, Maxwell will do a field study of Union House and detail its autonomy as an open site for informal activity and performance  that in character is self-directed. 


Wednesday April 5th The Spirit, Liqueur and Cocktail Appreciation Society holds a gin tasting 

Thursday April 6th The gallery plays ‘Radio Fodder’ featuring The Biggest Blackest Hour 

Friday April 7th Interviews and reflection on Level 2’s Game Play 

Monday April 10th A look into the history of Union House 

Tuesday April 11th An invitation to UMSU Departments and Clubs 

Wednesday April 12th Melbourne Universities, Electrical Engineers Club (MUEEC) will present their live robots for interaction and discussion, along with the closing event presentation. 

A Closing Night celebration of the outcomes of the research will be presented, April 12th from 5-7pm. All Welcome!