Section 1: Docklands site 1: earth mound and North Wharf seafarer platforms. This is the ideal site for the work with extra fresh soil being layered over the top of existing clear fill soil for ease of movement for the children and families and for OHS.

Section 2: GOODWILL: Memoirs of Play Participatory Arts Project research and Development images, within Victorian Schools, Publication, Photography Artworks, and Sculptural Works based on GOODWILL research. This work directly relates to (Mountain Top) Choreography of Play as it is the formation of ideas surrounding the work.

Section 3: Docklands Site 3: Grassed lawn directly in front of the Library of the DOCKS. This is beautiful site for the work, although less authentic - it would entail a need to built a platform for the soil to sit on, also a rig for the lighting and projections.