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Kym Maxwell is an artist, writer, teacher and curator whose work across these fields concerns notions of education and social spaces.. Specifically, Maxwell‘s research explores the types of interpersonal relationships that are generated by new situations, such as socially engaged art and curation. Put more simply, Maxwell’s interests explore the intersection between social relations and installation (objects and environments), and their capacity for participants to co-learn from. As such the physical layout of a workshop, playground and street are rich texts’ Maxwell mines for invisible elements, like informational flows, and interpersonal dynamics or hierarchies. Her research has involved sociological fields of inquiry regarding the dynamics of care and pedagogic relations as well as the re-telling of history through children’s theatre. Maxwell’s interests lye within the complexity of student and teacher, child to child, child and adult — parenting and professional relationships, aware a sensitivity towards context is essential. Whereby, exploring the ethics of re-presentation of the personal and/or public she reveals  institutional and family frameworks which may our associations to architecture, territory and language.


Being self-organised and self-determined Maxwell utilises ethical principals regarding the variety of media and complex life/work situations she interacts with. Producing cultural products, which are, either curatorial, web-based or performative and often, co-produced with children. Kym Maxwell seeks to interact the arts sector with the general public through online platforms, publication, theatre, exhibitions, workshops, displays and/or events. 


Recently, Maxwell produced and co-authored a theatrical play with 48 primary school students that was performed by 24 students constituting the Collingwood College Theatre Troupe, titled ‘A Wharfie’s Story' as part of her work at Collingwood College. It was presented at the public site Melbourne’s North Wharf in November 2015. The story disclosed the often unheard of tale of docks workers' struggle for improved working conditions in the 1950's and the history of the shipping trade at Melbourne's docks. The story was based on the real-life events as experienced by waterside worker Jim Beggs AOM and wife Tui Beggs, with a focus on their enchanting love story. This along with the social experiment ‘Field 1968’ explores social relations and the dynamism of children's work and thinking.



2017   Masters of Fine Art (Research) Monash University

2007   Masters of Education (Teaching) RMIT 

2007   Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary)  Murdoch University

1993    Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drawing)  VCA

1988    Advanced Certificate in Art and Design  Outer Easter College of Tafe


Awards / Scholarships

2017    Kingston  Arts Centre Exhibition Award

2015   Australian Post Graduate Award

               City of Yarra Small Project Grant on behalf of Collingwood College Theatre Troupe

2014   Ephemeral Public Art Commission, Banyule City Council, Malahang Reserve Playground

               Artist in Residence, Hatch Contemporary Art Space, Ivanhoe

               Artist in Residence, Charles La Trobe College, Heidelberg West

              Pinpoint Ambassador (Visual Arts), Banyule City Council 

             Finalist, Substation Contemporary Art Prize, Substation, Newport 

2013   Community Arts Grant, Banyule City Council for the Industrial Estate curatorial project

2012  Teaching Professional Leave, Awarded by DEECD to focus on bringing the Reggio Emilia inspired approach to my teaching and learning throughout 2012 and also attend the Reggio Emilia Conference in Italy

1992  Norma Bull Travelling Scholarship for Naturalistic Portraiture, Victorian Artist Society, East Melbourne 


Up Coming

2019   Objects of Longing, Shapes of Knowledge, MUMA curated by Hannah Mathews

2017   New Model ( La La Hi Prism Video Label Collection #01) Every Brilliant Eye: Australian Art of the 1990's, NGV. Director of La La Hi Prism VL

2017   When Pedagogic Projects are Made Public, Westspace

2017  Solo Show, Kingston Arts Centre



2016    Establishment of the YOUNG PUBLICS THEATRE TROUPE, weekly classes at the Rosina Auditorium, Abbotsford Convent

2015   A Wharfie's Storyby the Collingwood College Theatre Troupe. Sound Artist: Joel  Stern, Choreographer: Gerard Van Dyke. Presented at Library at the Docks, Docklands with financial assistance from City of Yarra in collaboration with Collingwood College. 


Solo Exhibitions

2017   Informal Learning, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne Univeristy

2016    Parenting is Political, Bus Projects (with Angela Brennan)

2015    If Transmission Were Material, Mural Hall, Abbotsford Convent

2014    Liberty of The Screen, Malahang Reserve  intervention, sponsored by Banyule City Council

2013  GOODWILL (Exhibition and Publication Launch), Top Shelf Gallery

               GOODWILL: Memoirs of Yard Play, Research installation, Perimeter Books and Small Block Cafe

               Marble Run 2: The Materials are Listening with Dirk Leuschner, C3 Artspace

1999   A Rock Performance in 3 Stances, TCB Gallery

                Street Talk, Phyco Gallery

1998    I Like You, You're Natural, Phyco Gallery

1997    Love Poem, Phyco Gallery

               Videowall (curator/artist) Tenement Gallery


Group Exhibitions

2017   MFA Group Show, Monash University B.6

2016   Cultural Capital and the Social Contract: Mechanics Institute, Melbourne Biennial Lab at Queen Victoria Market, Public Art Melbourne  

               iDARE 2016 (Creative Arts Research and the Ethics of Innovation exhibition), Victoria College of the Arts, Student Gallery

                Steiner Verse with the children of Sophia Mundi Steiner School (Class 6 and pedagogue Tanya Rao). Presented at Abbotsford Convent as      part of the Liquid Architecture event 'Polyphonic Social.' Funded by the City of Yarra

2015    Video Visions, ACMI, Channels Video Art Festival, presentation of video Nasa and Moonglow

             Embodied Sound by the Collingwood College Sound Collective for Liquid Architecture, Westspace, curated by Danni Zuvela

                International Women's Day Video Screening ProgramVCA HUB, curated by Elizabeth Gower and Lisa Radford

            Tele Visions Screenings, EXPERIMENTA Biennial, RMIT Gallery and national locations (2015-2016)

2014  Faux Museum, C3 Contemporary Art Space, curated by Melissa Loughan, Kate Tucker, Anusha Kenny and Ace Wagstaff

              Liberty of Imagination: Duelling Spheres (GOODWILL object research), Banyule Contemporary Art Fair, Hatch Contemporary Art Space

            Re-Raising Consciousness, TCB Gallery, curated by Fayen d'Evie, Katherine Hattam, Harriet Morgan

            Activist Arts Festival, Ballroom, Trades Hall

               Uneducated (curator/artist), Group show with 13 local and 3 international artistsCounihan Gallery                               

              This Is Not the Work, QUT Gallery, Creative Industries Precinct, curated by LEVEL

               Finalist Substation Contemporary Art Prize, Substation, Newport, Victoria

               Channel G Radio - sound score as part of live broadcast, Das Boot Fair, Next Wave Festival: Channel G organised by Sean Peoples

               La La Hi Prism Videolabel, (as part of Minor Developments) Slopes, curated by Jared Davis

               BackFlip: Feminism and Humour in Contemporary Art, Sydney College of the Arts, COFA, curated by Laura Castagnini

               Industrial Estate (curator/artist), an exhibition set within a fine furniture factory in Heidelberg West

2013   TeleVisions (screening), CarriageWorks: festival of video performances and art

             BackFlip: Feminism and Humour in Contemporary Art, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, VCA 

2011    The Brunswick Project part of Slow Art Collective's curatorial project for Counihan Gallery

2010   Works Backyard, Sunshine and Grease Gallery, curated by Patrick O'Brien

2008   Skin and Bones, L’Oreal fashion Week, Bus Gallery, curated by Patrick O'Brien 

                Documenting Possibilities, Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange (REAIE), Documentation Centre, Hawthorn

2000   One2phree4, Westspace, curated by Laila Marie Costa

1999    Videosonic (artist/ curator), Large live public outdoor event, presented on Alt TV (20 x 12 metre screen) crn Swanston and Bourke Sts, Melbourne, May 19th. 4 sound artists and 11 video artists

1998   Video Performance, Synesthesisa Records

              URC (ULTIMATE RECORD COVER) 12", Phyco Gallery

              50 Record Players, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane and Tenement Gallery, Melbourne, curated by      Dylan Martorell and Nathan Gray

1997  Trans, Soapbox Gallery, Brisbane, curated by Charles Robb

              50 Record Players, Tenement Gallery, curated by Dylan Martorell and Nathan Gray

               Don't Stop Now Precious Keep on Walking with Pegs Marlow, Phyco Gallery

               Shinjuku Drummer, video performance, Tenement Gallery

1992  Award Show, Norma Bull Naturalistic Portraiture Arts Scholarship, Victorian Artist Society

               Kartell, George Paton Gallery, co-curated with Charles Robb and Courtney Pedersen


Curatorial Projects

2016   Parenting is Political online platform (ongoing)

2014   Uneducated, Group show and website (with 13 local and 3 international artists) 3 public program events and a re-curation of the show with the children of Collingwood CollegeCounihan Gallery

2014   Industrial Estate — Site: Woodcraft Mobiliar, 11 visual and 3 performance artists utilise the fine furniture factory as presentation site for works about the labour of art and fuctional design production.

2000 - 2001  La La Hi Prism Videolabel series — For sale at 200 Gertrude St, ACCA, CCP, MCA, Fat 52, Alice Euphemia and Art Salon (for further details see History and Media Work)

1999   Videosonic — Alt TV presentation on Alt TV, May 19th, crn Swanston and Bourke St open air live music and video event with sound and video artists. Liased with Melbourne City Council, Yarra Trams and Melbourne Police to hold a public road blocking event that lasted 90 mins.

1998   URC 12" (Ultimate Record Cover) — Phyco Gallery. 25 visual and sound artists create their ultimate record cover, opening with additional live performances in gallery

1997   Video Wall — Tenement Gallery an assemblage of 20 TV screens playing simultaneously 20 video works from Australia, NZ and U.S artists, varying lengths.  A select screening and talks were held in gallery February 19th - 21st, 1997. Special guest Cathy Scott from Paper Tiger TV.



http://parentingispolitical.comdesigned by Robert Janes and Ziga Testen, designed by James Oates, designed by Kym Maxwell



2015    Dylan Rainforth, Wharfie's Story inspires collaboration between artist Kym Maxwell and      Collingwood College, The Age, November 18th, 2015 

2014    Sarah Werkmeister, Faux Museum, November 26th 

               Dan Rule, 'Uneducated', Around the Galleries The AgeOctober 3rd 

               Dylan Rainforth, 'Uneducated Well-Hung in Counihan Gallery', Space: Around the galleries, The Age, p.40, September 24th

               Maura Edmond, 'Kym Maxwell Uneducated @ Counihan Gallery', Primer website, September 12th 

             Emily Sexton, 3RRR Radio interview, 'Smart Arts' - Industrial Estate, January 9th, 11:00am

               Dan Rule, 'Factory makes way for fine arts in Heidelberg West factory exhibition Industrial Estate'The Age, Arts Feature, pg. 20, Jan 8th

2013    Sarah Booth, The Thousands June Calender Event — Small Block Cafe and Perimeter Book

             Penny Mondra, The Thousands, Speeding Bulletin Issue 2 — GOODWILL

                Concrete Playground Melbourne, C3 Contemporary Art Space exhibition 51

2000   Kerri-Dee Johns, New Video Art Label: An Interview with Kym Maxwell of La La Hi Prism  VideoLabel'  Like Art Magaine Winter #12. 



2014    Industrial Estate, Exhibition catalogue. Essays by Lisa Radford and Harriet Morgan, design by Ziga Testen, Limited edition 300, printed in London and Melbourne, Newsprint and insert Risograph        

2013    GOODWILL: Memoirs of Yard Play Exhibition catalogue, A5, 52 page publication. Introduction by Helen Hughes, design by Ross Paxman. Limited edition 100, printed in Melbourne, card and rag paper.

1998   URC 12" Pycho Zine, 20 page self published book

                Phyco Zine N# 1,2, 3, 4 Black and White editions of 50, sold at Polyester Books

                Lust and Trust, A3, 10 page zine

1997    Yuki-Yakimo 10 page home made book of drawings compiled by Jac Valdman, Limited Edition 20



2016    Pedagogic Project at Box Copy, Brisbane, funded by Australia Council

                Shared Discussion with Eugenia Lim, Tai Snaith and Jo Scicluna, regarding Snaith's exhibition 'Work/Life Balance' at The Other Side Gallery

2015   'Embodied Sound', Westspace, for Liquid Architecture, regarding the The Collingwood College Sound Collective

                What is the future of Video art?, ACMIChannels Video Art Festival

2014    How to Develop an Exhibition, Hatch Contemporary Art Space



2013    Un. Magazine, Edition 7:1 ‘Experience and Perceptions of ‘Children’s Research’ and the Educational Turn’ 

2013     Stamm Online Journal with Lisa Radford, Sept/Oct edition ‘Social Space = PublicArt: Sean People Channel G TV’ 



2000 - 2001   La La Hi Prism, Videolabel Owner, producer / director (see History-LLHP)

1997 - 2000    Phyco Gallery, Melbourne City, director / curator 

1995 - 1996  ‘Media Subway’ for Channel 31, director / producer 


Pedagogic Projects

2015   Collingwood College Sound Collective series of process based workshops regarding sound, imagery and listening contractions. As part of the Liquid Architecture program What Would a Feminist Methodology Sound Like? In collaboration with harpist and composer Clare Cooper. September 11th - 28th, 2015. Westspace

2014   Collingwood College Curation Project program and workshop with Emily Floyd, a child facilitated re-curation of  exhibition Uneducated, Counihan Gallery September 11th - October 4th, 2014.


Residencies and workshops

2014   Utopian Play Workshop with Emily Floyd, C3 Artspace Fundraiser

               Utopian Landscape Workshop, July 3rd, MOMA at Heide

              Choreography of Play, Artist in Residence at the Olympic Village Campus (Heidelberg West) Charles La Trobe College, sponsored by the Anti-graffiti campaign Banyule City Council. 


Conference Papers

2014     A reflection of Palle Nielsen's 'Model for a Qualitative Society' in light of authority and risk pertaining to the Image of the Child. Authority and Knowledge Conference, Department of Education, Melbourne University.


Private commission

2009  Umbilit Nights Quilt for Dylan Martorell and Lichen Kemp: A queen sized quilt, upscaled reproduction of ‘Umbilit Nights’, work by Dylan Martorell. The quilt surface was machined with cotton and lycra and backed with linen: Filled with Australian marino wool.


Media Work  

2000- 2001   Director ’La La Hi Prism Videolabel’ Series of 5 artists 2000 Electra  Damp, Eliza Hutchinson, David Noonan, Guy Benfield;  Stylee, Patricia Piccinni, Jacinta Schreuder, Nat and Ali, Hayley Arjona and Violet Faigan (Writer Lara Travis) Launched at the Empress Hotel with live music, and New Model Lane Cormick, Ricky Swallow, James Lynch, David Noonan and Stephen Honegger (Writer Andrew Mc Qualter) 2000 launched at Fat 52 Prahran

1999   Curator/Artist Videosonic’ open air live music and video event in Swanston St, 1999.



Works held in Private Collections



 visual and research-    text and video-

 Publicity — Radio: PBS, 3CR and RRR Press: EG, Beat, Impress. Invited by ABC to produce pilot Casey's Fire for the Recovery program


Arts Groups

2011  Wemakeus

1999-2000 DAMP


Lived outside the island

New York      1994 - 1995 (hard)

Taipei             2001 - 2003 (great)

Tokyo             2004 - 2005 (okay)

Guatemala 2005 - 2006 (fabulous)