Uneducated Group Show, Counihan Gallery 233 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

Added on by Kym Maxwell.

Simon and Tom Bloor, A sentence of shapes 3 2014, Acrylic, Dimensions variable, Courtesy the artists

 Annette Krauss, Hidden Curriculum 2007 - ongoing, Workshops, performance, video, print, Courtesy of Annette Krauss and Hidden Curriculum participants

Kym Maxwell (middle ground) Objects are associative 2014, Medium HD Video, 2 Channel Video work, wooden dowel, pine plinth, found table top, lost and found manipulatives: wood, cement and clothes, Dimensions variable.  All works Courtesy of the artist

Background Peter Tyndall, 2014, A Person Looks At A Work Of Art/ someone looks at something LOGOS/HA HA (FIAPCE Education Kit prototype) CULTURAL CONSUMPTION PRODUCTION