Creative Victoria Application, Creative Learning Partnerships 2018 - Kym Maxwell and Dandenong Primary School with MUMA 

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All images below documented the live event, A Wharfie's Story presented by the Collingwood College Theatre Troupe at Buluk Park, North Wharf, Melbourne, November 21st, 2015. All documentation is by Keelan O'Hehir (he is also the contacted photographer for Objects of Longing). The work was co-produced between Kym Maxwell and Collingwood College. Script produced by Kym Maxwell and Collingwood College Grade 3 / 4. All sets and costumes Kym Maxwell and the families of the Collingwood College Theatre Troupe. Story inspiration Jim and Tui Beggs AOM and Mr Beggs book, 'Proud to be an Wharfie'. Sound engineering: Marcus Cook, Sound Design and facilitation: Joel Stern, Choreography: Gerard Van Dyke. Part funded by the Yarra City Council's Small Project Grant. Working with the City of Melbourne this was a one-off public event presented outside The Docks Library. Promoted in The Age by Dylan Rainforth, Wednesday November 19th, 2015. All copyright Kym Maxwell 2015.

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