Objects of Longing is a project I have developed over 2yrs. It is an inclusive diverse arts project filtered down to 43 students with two major organisational partners, Dandenong Primary School and MUMA, Monash University Museum of Art with support of two funding bodies, Creative Victoria, and Gandel Foundation. Developed with project educators Leanne Skaftousos, Alison Rogers and  Melissa Bedford along with creatives Daniel Jenatsch, Georgina Criddle, Rebecca Jensen, Keelan O’hehir, Lara Gissing, Hanna Chetwin and Sam Hardemannn. OOL is presented in six phases: museum, research, script, props, performance, and exhibition. The first public presentation is at Dandenong Primary School, December 6th, at 5:30pm. Further in exhibition at MUMA, February 9th - April 6th, 2019, with a performance at Ian Potter Sculptural Court, February 23rd.

Offically launched to Dandenong Primary School’s 3/4 students at Monash University Museum of Art in early May 2018 with all classes visiting MUMA to view six works I selected from MUMA's Art Collection: working closely with Hannah Mathews I ready the project for upcoming exhibit Shape of Knowledge, MUMA, February 9th - April 6th, 2019.