Uneducated reviewed in The Age

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It was wonderful  to arrive at the gallery yesterday and a parent tell me, Uneducated received another review in The Age, by Dan Rule!! I was soo chuffed, we were soo lucky. Especially since the very considered Dylan Rainforth had written about the children's 'Curation Project'; but Dan's review was different, it focused on the artists work, in particular focusing on the miminal selection within the show. It made a great contrast between the reviews.

Wow! That with Maura Edmond's interview there has been interest in the works within the show, the premise, as well as the artists' talks, the philospohy lecture and the children's curation. Wow, its been a bumper month of brilliance!!

The link here 

image of the Children's thinking Collingwood College 'Curation Project'

This Is Not The Work

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I am very proud to be associated with the exhibition 'This Is Not The Work' at QUT Creative Industries Precinct. An exhibition curated by LEVEL focusing on women in the arts working in a socially engaged model. 'Uneducated' was presented as a satellite presentation, as a website within the tent, along with Sean Peoples 'Friendly Floatees' and through student response and their work.

Inspiration from Simon and Tom Bloor

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Kurt Rowlands' Kurt Rowland, Learning to See 1 (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1968).

Inspiration from Simon and Tom Bloor - Kurt Rowland is an arts educator from the 1960's. He has been an significant figure in arts education in the UK. This is an image from his  His book 'Learning to See'. Kurt Rowland, Learning to See 1 (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1968).

Field 1968 in the Substation Contemporary Art Award

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Excited to announce Field 1968 has been selected as a finalist for The Substation Contemporary Art Prize 2014 - a national non-aquisitive award established to recognise and encourage innovation in contemporary practice. The exhibition opens 6pm Friday 15th August at The Substation, 1 Market Street, Newport, Victoria. This year’s judges are Max Delany, Senior Curator, Contemporary Art, National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) and Mark Feary, Curator, ARTSPACE, Sydney.  http://www.thesubstation.org.au/

Industrial Estate Publication Launch

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The Industrial Estate Publication Launch July 9th from 7-9 pm at Hell Kitchen Level 1, 20 Center Place Melbourne.

Published by Kym Maxwell

Edited by Kym Maxwell and Ziga Testen 

Photography by Elliott Lauren
Designed by Ziga Testen
Typeset in FF Balance Bold
Printed in the UK and AU in an edition of 300 ISBN-10 
ISBN-13 978-0-9924117-1-8 

Industrial estate publication

Newest work #3 Channel Video work 'Field 1968'

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In recent times I have been working on a 3 channel video work that will premiere this year. It has involved the participation of 11 families, 3 videographers and visual arts and writers.

I look forward to updating the website with details regarding its presentation. Following are screen shots of the work.

screen shot 9.jpg

presenting paper at a conference and attending a conference, both pertaining to knowledge and authority

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This February I will be attending two conferences the first Authority and Knowledge: People, Policy, Politics at Melbourne University, in which I will be presenting a paper based on Palle's Nielsen's 1968 action 'Model for a Qualitative Society' and discussing agency in children, their first exploration of power and hierarchy through 'play' revealed in Palle's work. Also in early February I will be attending Spectres of Evaluation: rethinking art community value at the Footscray Community Arts Centre which I am very much looking forward too. Rob Ball states, 'Taking its cue from the artwork; Spectre of Evaluation (Thomas Hirschhorn, 2008) the conference looks to reconfigure the relationship between artists, art experts, and what the artist terms the “non-exclusive audience".' There's still conference tickets available at reduced rates for artists, so get onto it and see you there!

Thomas Hirschhorn, Spectre of Evaluation, 2008. access 

Thomas Hirschhorn, Spectre of Evaluation, 2008. access